Training Ethos

Your instructor is not just there to get you through the driving test as quickly and cheaply as possible, although no pupil will ever be held back when they are ready.  The instructor is there to give you or your child the skills needed to keep safe.

The statistics for young drivers and pedestrians killed or hurt on the roads are not good.  Kudos Driving school does not want any of our pupils to become a statistic, so we continually strive to be the best, and in turn make our pupils the best.  No matter what circumstances are found, the pupil will have a strong foundation to make the best decision available.  This ethos not only keeps us safe, but helps us grow and develop as drivers

Here at Kudos Driving we believe that just as instructors need to grow and extend their driving knowledge, so this opportunity should be available to all those pupils striving to be the very best.

Any pupil who completes the initial training to gain a full UK driving licence, will be automatically offered the opportunity to learn more advanced driving techniques.  They will also be offered the opportunity to have yearly refresher courses.

As our driving experience grows, questions always arise, as new situations are faced.  Kudos Driving school is committed to providing all past pupils ongoing support, because we are all learning every time we go out, and it is important to be able to discuss any issues with a professional - your driving instructor.

Whether it is a quick query, a desire for more training, a refresher course, or perhaps the need to talk through a near-miss that you were involved in or witnessed, we are here to guide you all the way, and be your on-tap Driving Consultant.

Have you been involved in an accident, wish to avoid another, but want to talk in confidence with someone who will support you?  Kudos Driving school offers the opportunity for tailor-made accident tuition, where you will be taken through step-by-step what happened and why, giving you the skills and knowledge to help prevent it happening in the future.

Remember, your commitment to being a safe driver is a long-term goal, and we are committed to supporting you in this goal with our consultancy approach.


It includes being constantly up-to-date with the local weather, so lessons are adapted daily to take advantage of any changes, to ensure a pupil understands how to drive safely in all weathers if they need to, but also how to judge when and where not to drive.  The Driving Instructor is trained to bring all their driving experience to bear on this challenging area of UK life, but a pupil’s safety is always most important.  As experienced drivers, we all make judgement calls and wisdom when deciding whether to drive in a certain weather condition or not, and if so what strategies will be required to staying safe.  It is these qualities that the Driving Instructor has spent years honing, so that wisdom and ability are taken into account on every driving lesson.

The Law

Kudos Driving is involved in keeping up with the latest changes in the law, and its implications to those learning.  This means knowing and understanding the latest amendments to the driving law, and also any changes that may be under review.  This information is shared with pupils, with a view to giving them the best and latest information to date, with which to make any decisions they may be thinking about.


Banned Driver’s

Have you been banned and lost your driving licence, but are keen to earn it back again?  Or, are you at risk of losing your licence due to regular risk-taking, but have realised just in time and want to be guided back to good and safe driving skills, just as you deserve?

Here at Kudos Driving, we have developed a specific course to enable you to gain these skills.  No one is turned away from Kudos Driving as being a bad driver; it is only bad driver attitude, and with determined effort and a supportive environment and an understanding and non-judgmental Driving Instructor, we believe you are already on the way to earning your licence back.

No one is beyond help.  You just need to come to us with an open mind and a determination to do better, and we will do the rest.


Join us and be the best!