Fast Pass Course - See below for pricing

Kudos Driving School's " Fast Pass " course is aimed at those who are looking to take sit the DSA's Practical Driving Test ASAP. 

ALL Intensive Courses "INCLUDE" the £62.00 Practical Test Fee

With one of our intensive driving courses, you will learn to drive as quickly and safely as possible, your FULL driving licence could be only a few weeks away. Hurry - Book your course today !!

Intensive driving courses are proving more and more popular, Why?

There are a few good reasons:

1. No waiting "months" for your Practical Driving Test
2. It is more "Convenience" 
3. It is very "Cost Effective" 

However, the main advantage of intensive driving courses is that you are compressing many months of conventional Pay as You Go weekly lessons in a shorter period.

Because you are out on the road each day for longer, you spend much less time "picking up from where you left off", and more time concentrating on your driving skills.

There are also a number of not so good reasons:

At Kudos Driving School we understand the intensive, or crash course style of learning does not suit everyone, this is due to the heavy levels or intense focus required in order to learn. Very few individuals demonstrate the ability to work at 100%  6 - 8 hours a day for 5 Days straight training.

Whilst we are happy to accept pupils for intensive driving courses, we believe spreading the training over a number of weeks, typically between 2 - 4 allows more time for the individual to absorb the information they have learned.  

This being the case we tailor the course to your individual needs, if we feel that learning is not taking place, then we may recommend that you move your test date back a number of weeks and reduce the quantity of training hours per day to a level that the individual can comfortably manage.

35 Hours Fast Pass Course

Only £1050.00

Price Includes DSA Practical Driving Test


45 Hours Fast Pass Course

Only £1320

Price Includes DSA Practical Driving Test


Premier Pupils Course

Only £3200

Price Includes DSA Practical Driving Test